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frequently asked questions

Do you refill propane tanks?
Yes. All sizes. We can fill your propane tank at our Propane Station located outside Hearthside Grill & Fireplace in Belleville.

Do you offer installation of your products? 
Yes. We can usually install within two weeks. Most products in the showroom are in stock. The technicians are Hearthside employees and receive factory training on all products they install.

I'm tired of my wood burning fireplace. What are my options?
There are many options available. Some simple & easy and some a bit more complex. One simple solution is gas logs.

What is the difference between vented and vent-free gas logs?
Vented logs must be operated with the damper open. Vent-free logs may be operated with the damper closed. Vent-free gas logs are 99.9% efficient and are powerful heat producers. Vented gas logs are more decorative but are less efficient than vent free gas logs.

What are my options for heating my home outside of turning up the thermostat?
Hearthside Grill & Fireplace offers a range of options that will allow you to turn your thermostat DOWN in the chilly weather. These include wood, gas and pellet stoves; vent-free gas logs and fireplaces; direct vent gas fireplaces; and high efficiency wood burning fireplaces.

Can I add a blower to my fireplace?
Often a blower can be added to a circulatory firebox that has louvers on the top and bottom of the fireplace. To order, the manufacturing and model number are required.

Can I get new/different doors for my fireplace?
Yes. Hearthside carries many beautiful and functional options for fireplace doors. Stop by and see the models on display in our showroom. If needed, our technicians will come to your home and measure for best fit.

I really prefer a charcoal grill but do you have one that is easier to light?
Yes. The Weber Performer and Weber Summit a charcoal grill with a gas starter for easy lighting.

What is the best kind of gas grill?
The best gas grills are the ones that fit your particular needs. Do you cook for an army or for two? Do you like steaks and brats or are you into ribs, turkey, chicken and other meats requiring longer cooking times? Whatever your style of cooking we have a grill for you.

What is the most popular barbeque sauce sold at Hearthside?
We carry a wide variety of brands and flavors but Ole Ray's Apple-Cinnamon BBQ and Hogs 'N Heat sauce are our best sellers. They tastes great on everything from chicken to pork and even veggies (try some on your baked potato).

Do you ever have grilling demonstrations?
Grilling demonstrations are offered on many Saturdays in spring, summer and fall, weather-permitting. These demos are a great way to see the grills in action and test many of the rubs, marinades, sauces and seasonings we carry.

A fireplace adds life, warmth, and romance to any room in your home. 

A fireplace evokes a feeling of family, security, and nostalgia. On the practical side, fireplaces add value to your home.

Remote control options make this the ultimate in heating convenience. 

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