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o u t d o o r    l i v i n g

Create your outdoor oasis with shade, comfort, and flames!
Our favorite projects are custom outdoor kitchens! Call us for a consultation!

“Extending your outdoor living space is equivalent to adding another living room!
We recommend five tips to keep in mind while choosing your space.

TIP #1:  Start with a neutral palette as your foundations... visualize furniture, kitchens and fireplaces in greys, taupes and tans.  

TIP #2:  Mix and match colors, patterns and textures in your fabrics. Throw pillows are a fun and cost effective way to add a pop of color.

TIP #3:  Utilize an area rug to define your space & don't forget to provide needed shade: pergolas and umbrellas are beautiful style option. 

TIP #4:  In the outdoor furniture market, you really do get what you pay for. Invest in timeless pieces and you will never be disappointed. 

TIP #5:  Follow your instinct and get what you LOVE. Remember, comfort is everything... since this will be your outdoor living room!"

                                                                  – Renee Scott, Hearthside Grill & Fireplace Designer

Whether it is an outdoor fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or outdoor kitchen, or shade under the pergola or umbrella, the additions will allow you to enjoy all the convenience and ambiance of an indoor room in the beauty of an outdoor setting!

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