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p a t i o    f u r n i t u r e

Extend your living space with comfortable outdoor furniture!

“The next thing I know, everyone was sitting around the fire...
laughing and talking, then just silent to listen to the crackling fire.
                                            – John Killebrew, Hearthside Service and Installation

Outdoor furnishings create rooms that can truly be “lived” in.  The furnishings are both beautiful and functional. 

The buzz word in design is "curated".  What does "curated outdoor" mean to you, Barclay Butera?


BB: I think having a curated style is so important because it’s a true reflection of the client’s home, life and history. Curated to me means accumulated and acquired over time- It’s not about clutter or junk. It’s about surrounding yourself with possessions and reminders of the good times you’ve had. When I take on any project I immediately want to see anything and everything the client wants to keep. We weave those items into our design and everything always seems more authentic. Outdoor is no exception! I love layering a client’s sculpture into their landscape, their favorite outdoor hurricanes into the décor. An inherited wicker chair can still sing when placed next to new furniture. It’s all about layering new with items you love and collected over a lifetime.

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