m e e t   o u r    t e a m

Mark Urban

Owner and Operator of Hearthside Grill & Fireplace Ltd., accomplished griller,

sterling marksman, craftsman extraordinaire, avid golfer and best Unc Mark ever!

Jeff Wolters


Installer, Customer Service, fanatical fisherman

and crazed Cardinals fan!

June Cheatham


Lead Sales, savvy camper,

brilliant bowler, creative crafter

and pet whisperer.

Chris Morgan


Installer, Customer Service,

praiseworthy weekend griller, Bronco's fan,

Cardinal Redbird Nation howler

and admirable new daddy & hubby! 



CEO-Canine Executive Officer, 

Hearthside mascot and official tail-wagging greeter,

champion grilled burger gobbler,

accomplished guard dog! 

John Killebrew

Installer, Customer Service, fervent football fan,

bleeds BLUE, and cherishes his pool time

with his beautiful girls.

Gene Ebersohl

Outside Sales, semi-retired spending his days

in his convertible corvette catching rays

with his beautiful wife, Lucy.

His source of exercise is chasing the grandkids. 

Renee Casper Scott

Designer, best known as Kenzie's mom,

French Alps enthusiast, snow fanatic,

philanthropic time spender, travel adorer,

speed coveter, marksman admirer,

favorite pass time: spending time with family!

Stop by and meet our team! Quickly, you will become a friend that turns into a community of family! Only the best for family!

418 South Belt East

Belleville | Illinois 62220

- just east of the fairgrounds -

Monday-Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-4 



618 -257-0700

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