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p r o p a n e    f u e l

Propane, or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is a high-energy fuel. It is a colorless and odorless liquid that vaporizes into a gas. The smell associated with propane is actually an odorant known as ethyl mercaptan, which is added so users can detect a leak.
Propane is an affordable choice that is ideal for families who want
to minimize their carbon footprint and go a little greener.
We refill your propane tank to 20lb capacity
rather than 15lbs. of propane into a 20lb tank.
Refill your 20lb. cylinder for just $18.50 + tax ($20). 

We also refill RV and camper cylinders, forklift cylinders and industrial tanks. 
If your tank needs recertified, we are your one-stop shop!

Barbecuing entails choosing the correct cut of meat, preparing the grill and cooking the meat over low heat until it's heated through and tender. Marinating the meat adds flavor. Try adding flavor through your fuel source! Yum!

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