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g a s   l o g  sets

Get an efficient and beautiful .flame at the click of a button!

Gas log sets are maintenance free and simple to use. Our gas fireplace log sets make it possible to enjoy old, outdated fireplaces as if they were brand new. Plus, they are operable with just the click of a button, which means you can have a beautiful roaring fire that can be instantly enjoyed, year-round.

“There is nothing quite like sitting down in front of the fireplace on
a crisp evening and watching the fire dance."
                                                                – Mark Urban, Hearthside Grill & Fireplace owner

Whether turning a wood burning fireplace into a source of warmth and comfort or replacing an outdated gas log set,

Hearthside Grill & Fireplace offers beautiful options! 

Vent-free gas logs are 99.9% efficient and are powerful heat producers!

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